It’s All in the Box!

  • by LaShayla Simpson
It’s All in the Box!

Welcome to The Moxx Box 


Mocktails are the popular, non-alcoholic way to participate in a party atmosphere. While they’ve been around for many years, they’ve recently become a chic way for non-drinkers to steer clear of alcohol while still feeling like a part of the action. With a mocktail, you can enjoy the taste of your favorite beverages without the bother of the buzz or the impaired decisions. 

The Moxx Box makes it easy for you to indulge. This creative box makes you the master mixologist by delivering mouth watering mocktail kits directly to your door. New concoctions and twists on classic recipes deliver unmatched flavor in every package, and we promise you won’t even miss the alcohol. 

 What’s in the box?

Well, we’ve already told you, but we’ll say it again…It’s all in the box! Each box includes 2 recipes and all the high-quality ingredients you need to make two servings of the most sublime non-alcoholic beverages you’ve ever tasted. We even include the garnish (because you're fancy and drink with your pinky up in the air)!

Unpack your box, read the recipes, follow the instructions, and let your mocktails help you to unwind, relax, and enjoy the amazing flavors paired together just for you. Share it with a friend, lover, or keep both guilt-free servings to yourself. Whatever choice you make, you’ll be making it with a clear conscience and taste buds that have been tantalized. 

Why Moxx Box?

Let’s be honest. There are moments when you want to vibe with your friends or have fun at home and you simply don’t feel like drinking alcohol or it's unsafe for you to do so. You want the hang without the ‘over', and you want to have it with a little more razzle dazzle than an ordinary carbonated drink. 

You can create your own special adventure-in-a-glass that has all the sass of a spirited beverage but none of the effects, leaving you refreshed, alert, and still having as much fun as you can stand. That’s what ordering a Moxx Box does for you. 

How can I be creative with a Moxx Box?

Imagine this…it’s been a long day and you want to blow off some steam, but you’ve got to be up early in the morning. You feel like a drink, but of what? Ah! You remember your Moxx Box was delivered yesterday, and you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to try the Very Berry Hibiscus Tea Holiday that you ordered. You decide to invite ‘bae’ over so that you two can take some time to…reconnect. You both read the instructions and you slowly blend the ingredients, and when you take your first sips…perfection. You smile and the worries of the week fade away as you enjoy your company and your drink.  

That’s just one way to use this box. You can ‘treat yo’ self’ with a self-care Sunday, a fancy Friday, or a celebration for that promotion. Or, you can treat others by sending the box as a unique gift or as a virtual happy hour for remote employees. The possibilities are endless. The boxes are beautifully wrapped, so no matter who’s doing the unboxing, they’ll feel special when they dare to prepare one of these delicious mocktails. 

Join In the Fun!


Mocktails can be an entertaining way to encourage togetherness for people who drink alcohol and people who don’t. Either way, our mocktails are sure to please. Visit our website to view upcoming boxes and place your order. 

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Happy mixing!


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